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Tiny Lion is a creative audio collective.  Our passion is music and sound. Our mission is to provide our clients with a unique and inspired marriage of sound and image. We have more than 10 years of experience creating award-winning work for the world’s best-known brands, agencies, and directors, drawing upon even more decades of experience as musicians rooted in the independent scene.  Our diverse team of composers works hand in hand with skilled producers who know exactly how to direct them to deliver.

Tiny Lion firmly believes that treating collaborators with respect inspires the best work and provides sustainable fuel for long-term creative fires. We value the blood-deep bonds we’ve formed over the years just as much as the incendiary power of new creative relationships. We know that there is value in the creation of music, and we’re uniquely positioned to help defend that value in a rapidly changing musical environment.

We are Tiny Lion.

Hear Us Roar.


Jonathan Fuller | Principal




2006 East Franklin Street, Suite 102

Richmond VA 23223